Frequently asked questions

What is Stem CellX?
An innovative company developing a pioneering treatment using stem cells that gives hope to animals with joint damage, osteoarthritis, ligament rupture and fracture. The team, consisting of veterinary surgeons and researchers are working to develop and licence the treatment so that it becomes available for general use across the whole of Europe and beyond..
What animal species can be subjected to Stem CellX stem-cell injections?
Our current target species for treatment are dog, and horse. This product is not designed for and must not be used for human therapy.

What is elbow dysplasia?
  • An inherited developmental disorder, incurable according to present knowledge
  • It primarily occurs in medium and large dogs
  • It develops at around 4–8 months of age
  • It leads to irreversible damage to the joints and osteoarthritis (cartilage wear, bone surface abrasion)
  • It causes pain and lameness
  • Treatments presently used by veterinarians: surgery, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, cartilage-fortifying supplements, physiotherapy
Can hip dysplasia be cured with stem cells?
Dysplasia, improper fitting of bones, can only be corrected via surgical intervention. Stem-cell therapy enables the regeneration of articular surfaces damaged by dysplasia.
What is the difference between the treatment of a partially and a fully torn ligament?
In case of complete ligament tear, stem-cell application may be recommended after surgery. Ligament tear greatly increases the probability of cartilage injury. In the case of a partial tear, however, it may be sufficient into inject stem cells directly to the affected area. The therapy may help restore the elasticity of the damaged tissue.