Who we are and what our mission is

Stem CellX was established by an international team of British and Hungarian researchers working in the fields of stem cells, regeneration, and genetics who, in alliance with veterinarians, employ their expertise to treat dogs and horses that are lame due to mild or moderate osteoarthritis. We are developing an innovative allogeneic stem-cell treatment to enable affected animals to live a full life free of pain. Our mission is to improve the efficiency of tissue stem-cell therapy and to confirm its usefulness in veterinary medicine through novel scientific studies.
To date, we conducted research trials where more than 100 cases of moderate or severe osteoarthritis that developed due to dysplasia have been treated in dogs and horses employing this minimally invasive MSC transplantation. We published our results and the efficiency of our method in January, 2017 (article).
Our first dog, who suffered from severe elbow osteoarthritis, received stem cells via injection in May 2013. This dog has been symptom-free without medications ever since. A detailed report from the owner about the condition of the dog before and after treatment can be found here.
The first stem-cell transplantation in a horse was performed in January 2015 to treat ankle arthrosis; since then, this horse has been able to race again.
In August 2019, we filed a national patent application for our newly developed, allogeneic stem-cell treatment. Date of filing the patent application: 09.08.2019. Title: Procedure for the preparation of a product for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. Case no. P1900284.